: Our classes will empower your children by 
*Deepening their connection and understanding of the natural world
*Supporting them in making healthy choices and empowering them to know they can make a difference
*Fostering self respect and respect for others and the environment
​*Instilling a sense of wonder for the magic of the natural world
*Focusing on the interconnection between music, movement, language and nature

 *Building confidence, and body sense awareness
*Enhancing language and social skills 
*Supporting brain development through exposure to rhythm and tonal patterns in a variety of music

*Inspiring expression through imaginative play, music making and movement

Components of every Rainbow Rhythms class:

*SmartSpark: sparks curiousity for our topic of the day
*Sound Jam Dance Party: allows for spontaneous exploration of a variety of world instruments and movement to the rhythms
*Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation: time for the body to integrate the actions, sounds and patterns made during the class; a time to be still and listen to our bodies

  1. The Full Rainbow
    Move through the seasons of change from whatever point you sign on. Follow the rhythms of nature for a week, month or year. Special guests include visits with animal habitats.
  2. True Nature: Yoga and Meditation
    For School-age children. Support your children in learning tools to support themselves! With guided meditations, affirmations and yoga. children will find the methods to help them de-stress and ground into their true nature.
  3. NEW! Parent and Child Class!
    In partnership with Informa Theatre! This 10 week series is theatre and creative play classes for children 2-3 years old and their caregivers! Join us as we explore children’s stories through dramatic play, imaginative discovery, song, movement and rhythm building activities. You and your child will become storytellers and develop early acting skills in this interactive class. At Ralph Thornton Community Centre. September 24- December 3rd. 9:30-10:15.
  4. Rainbow Rhythm Party, Event or Trial Class
    Looking for a fun way to have a birthday for your child? The Rainbow Rhythm Kids experience is the way to go! We can create fun and engaging program for your private party or community celebration! *We can also provide thematic or natural loot bag options.*

Please contact us to co-ordinate program ideas.
Our curriculum is extensive and can be tailored to suit your needs.