Sarah  RH  Hawthorn- R.E.C.E., B.A

I believe working with children is a co-creative experience involving active listening, creativity, humour, openness,  honour and respect. 
Every child is unique and valuable, with something to teach and something to learn. 

The natural world provides a learning rich foundation to enhance developmental skills and children’s inherent potential as growing citizens of the world.
Our programing inspires curiosity, ignites passion and builds lifelong connections to nature through early learning experiences. To be advocates for nature in the future children need to make these connections now!

I am a mother, educator and nature enthusiast.
I recieved my R.E.C.E from Mothercraft College and my B.A in Early Childhood Studies at Ryerson University. My background also includes training in Shamanic and Holistic medicine and Kundalini yoga.

My love for the natural world and connection to the creature teachers infuses and inspires every class.  

“Passion is lifted from the earth itself by the muddy hands of the young"- Richard Loveless