Our world places so much importance on technology, multi-tasking and moving quickly from one thing to the next.
Kids are over programmed, over stimulated and continually processing stress.
They need a chance to focus their energy within, learn how to balance themselves and filter the world around them through their senses.

Self-regulation takes energy and, like muscles, needs focused attention and practice to develop.
A key to developing self-regulation is self-awareness.
We develope self-awareness through embodied mindful activities and using the teachings of yoga:
Pranayama (breathing)
 Asana (body postures)
The 3 M’s: mudras (hand postures), mantras (chants) and meditation

 Children will strengthen their sense of self and develop their mindbodyspirit connection.
With these valuable life skills they will learn how to navigate the world within them and around them with greater confidence.

Our intention in yoga with children and youth is to:
 * Build a deeper sense of self
*Identify feelings and learn how to manage them
*Learn to communicate with self and others in a positive way
*Understand, balance and integrate mindbodyspirit connection
*Re-set the nervous system to optimal state:
(from fight or flight to rest, reflect and recharge)
*Balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain to empower children to make better choices
*Provide children with a variety of tools that engage different learning styles so that every child walk away with tools that work for them

Specific skills learned

*Focus and Concentration
*Strength, Flexibility and Balance
*Coordination and Confidence
*Self-Awareness and Self-Control
*Self-Care and Self-Regulation
*Empathy and Compassion for self and others

We offer an ​​​​8 Week Big Feelings Mindfulness and Yoga course that supports children in navigating  feeling like Sadness; Lonliness; Fear; Anxiety and Anger.

Rainbow Rhythms Yoga can also be booked weekly or in one off sessions with a complimentary sound bath!
“Ra Ma Da Sa is my favourite mantra. I always sing it in my head when I need to feel better, like if I’m sad. And it works!”
- Yang Xin, 9 years old
“I feel like yoga helps my body to be more calm. I actually really like when we get to lay down to meditate at the end,”
- Issac, 7 years old